Established 2015

Boxing Classes For Everyone

Whitley Amateur Boxing Club is a boxing gym located just outside of Reading Town Centre. Our tailored boxing classes are for all ages, gender, and ability, ranging from competitive boxing classes to beginner’s academy lessons and recreational sessions. We are dedicated to building confidence and improving lives within our community, both physically and mentally.

The club was founded in 2015 as a not-for-profit charity organisation by former professional boxer and Whitley ABC Head Coach resident Nathan Ward, with the intention of keeping young kids off Reading's streets and giving back to his local community by using the skills he has learned throughout his professional boxing career.

Whitley Amateur Boxing Club is a registered charity (reg 1154520) and registered with England Boxing.

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Whitely ABC has experienced trainers and qualified coaches devoted in investing all of their time and effort into giving you the best fighting chance of reaching your goals.